Knowing When It's Time to Scale

How The STEM Nanny Company surpassed $30,000 per month in revenue, in only 6 months organically

 The STEM Nanny Company is an innovative Nanny, Babysitting and Education experience servicing Houston, Texas! When the owner reached out to me to discuss business development I was totally intrigued by the business model and what she had been able to create as a one man operation. It was something new in the child care space, innovative, and on trend with STEM being all the buzz right now. 


There Nannies and Private Educators utilize a proprietary, milestone-based curriculum to curate days of engaged fun. They promote developmental leaps through play in newborn - 2 years old and do exciting, hands-on STEM projects and experiments with children ages 3 - 14 years old. The prompt children to explore our world by asking questions and testing theories throughout playtime. They seek to guide little ones to and through each appropriate milestone by advancing skills and growth in a fun, exciting learning environment. Their Nannies are trained, experienced, Infant and Child CPR/AED certified, state and national background checked and abide by strict technology usage policies. All supplies and materials are provided to facilitate a vibrant learning environment in the comfort of your home.


I saw the opportunity to partner  with The STEM Nanny Company to help them develop a solid business foundation and implement success strategy that will increase their revenue earning potential. Below you will find the strategy that I have developed to grow The STEM Nanny Company to over $30,000 per month with no advertising budget.    


The STEM Nanny Company was founded by Evvan-Joi Croll who started in the child care industry as a babysitter. Her interest in science began in the 7th grade with an explosive experiment and hasn’t wained through becoming a Biology graduate. Evvan-Joi knew how one exciting learning instance can change the trajectory of a child’s life. As a babysitter of 6 years, she also had the pleasure of observing the excitement on a child’s face when a reaction would shoot into the air or a structure they built flew. Together, these aspects prompted her to leap into what she thought could be a fantastic business. 


What sets The STEM Nanny company apart from your traditional nanny placement agencies is that 90% of the nannies placed on assignment are employees of The STEM Nanny company. The family is not responsible for employee tax and not to mention all of the STEM nannies receive a box of curated experiments and are trained and required to facilitate an exciting stem project multiple times per day. This makes the time the child spends with the nanny not only an opportunity to learn but it is fun as well. And because of this premium service The STEM Nanny Company can charge a premium price!

"Evvan-Joi Croll and The Stem Nanny Company is the perfect example of what happens when you identify how your own life experiences, skills, and passion can be transformed into a successful business."

The System 

Before any business can focus on scaling and increasing revenue there has to be a system in place that will allow for it. Many entrepreneurs today are solopreneurs, running one man operations. And although I am all for a lean business model, when it is time to scale it's important as the business owner to start to think about how you can duplicate yourself and your operational system.


For The STEM Nanny Company that looked like:  

  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures, Company Policy & Procedure Manual, Employee Handbooks.
  • Hiring Administrative Staff (Assistant Manager, HR Specialist, & Curriculum Coordinator)
  • Automating the New Hire Training Processes 
  • Implementing Bookkeeping and Expense tracking Software

Developing a system and taking all the day to day operations out of the owners head and turning it into a systematic process made room for the admin staff to come in and facilitate the day to day. This activities were already income generating so it freed up the owner to  focus on marketing and tapping into new income streams.

The Strategy 

So how did I 10x The STEM Nanny Company's monthly revenue in only 6 months of working together?


identified the most measurable metric inside of the business that has a direct impact on the company revenue and I tracked it. This is also know as a KPI (Key Performance Index). For this company the KPI that I focused on is the billable nanny work hours. Since clients are charged based on the number of hours that a STEM nanny is on an assignment it only make sense to focus on this metric. So business owners, instead of focusing on the dollar amount, focus on the activities that impacts the dollar amount. Every business has KPI's. 


We determined the goal (desired number of billable hours) and then worked backwards. I like to call this reverse engineering. It's just like if you are on a journey somewhere I can assure you, you will get to your destination much quicker when you have the directions vs. driving around hoping to find it. Just like GPS.   


Also, we launched a product with a subscription based business model. The STEM Home School Kits released  in the mist of Covid-19 and was the perfect solution to parents who needed to keep their kids educated and entertained will at home on quarantine. The kits start at $199 and included 20 exciting stem experiments. 


"I can assure you, you will get to your destination  much quicker when you have the directions vs. driving around hoping to find it. It's just like GPS"

In 2019 we did $25,000 the whole year. For 2020 we are on track to do $250,000 with the help of Simone and her strategy.

Evvan-Joi Croll, The STEM Nanny Company

"Simone provides me with the roadmap to go from a small business to a medium size enterprise"

The Results 

When we started working together in February 2020 The STEM Nanny Company was billing for only 27 nanny  hours. That translated to approximately $3,800 per month in revenue and as you can imagine when you are trying to run a business that is not a lot but the reality is, that the average women owned business  only making on average $44,000 per year.


After implementation of business development strategies and some very organic marketing The STEM Nanny Company is now billing over 300 workable hours and generating $30,000+ a month in consistent revenue. The organic marketing looks like:    

  • Active engagement in Facebook Nanny Group Communities 
  • Incentives for current clients to share their experiences with the company in the form of a Google review. 
  • Regular educational and informative blog post

All 3 of these strategies improved the company's ranking on Google and it didn't cost The STEM Nanny Company a single dime


As we gear up for Phase 2 with The STEM Nanny Company the first goal is to reach 500 billable hours as well as roll out the corporate division, which will serves as the preferred child care/nanny provider for many Fortune 500 companies in the the STEM industry.  Once we have successfully completed that company will be generating well over $50,000 per month and in position to enter new market territory with cities like Austin, Dallas, & San Antonio on the radar. With 2021 sales projections at 3,500,000.00 we can confidently say The STEM Nanny Company is on the fast track to becoming the premier nanny agency in Texas. 


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